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New England Weavers' Seminar:  Weavers of Distinction

Our New England guilds are fortunate to have many members who are expert weavers. We wish to honor such persons with an award representing the attainment of excellence, and have therefore instituted the Weaver of Distinction Award. A point system has been established for the Category Awards — those areas in which first and second prizes are given for specific types of woven items, such as rugs, blankets, tapestries.

First Place blue ribbons are worth 5 points, and Second Place red ribbons are worth 3 points. When a weaver has accumulated a total of 24 points (over the years), she or he will be awarded a silver ribbon and the title of Weaver of Distinction. Separate tallies are kept for Weaver of Distinction – Gallery, and Weaver of Distinction – Fashion. A silver ribbon will be hung on all future entries from that person in NEWS exhibits.

This honor, Weaver of Distinction, also bears a constraint. While Weavers of Distinction may still compete for Special Awards, such as Popular Choice and Judges Choice, they are no longer able to compete for Category or Best of Show Awards

Gallery – Weavers of Distinction

1993 – Esther Danielson
1995 – Teresa Ridgeway
1997 – Edith House
1999 – Ann Levine
2001 – Diana Frost
2003 – Marjie Thompson
2005 – Lucienne Coifman
2005 – Fran Curran
2005 – Sarah Fortin
2007 – Norma Smayda
2009 – Betsy Wing
2013 – Carol Wooten
2015 – Ruth Buchman
2015 – Georgia Hadley

2017 – K.C. Alexander

2017 – Anita Thompson

Fashion – Weavers of Distinction

1999 – Patricia Palson
2005 – Sarah Fortin
2009 – Marjie Thompson
2009 – Carol Wooten
2009 – Sharon Baker-Kelly

2017 – Barbara June Gordon

2019 – Deborah Kaplan

2019 – Anita Thompson

2023 – Ruth Buchman

Woven and photographed by Anita Thompson

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