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New England Weavers' Seminar:  Sample Library

The Sample Library consists of notebooks of handwoven swatches and drafts.  Most of the books contain one weave structure for each notebook with  appropriate 4, 8, or more harness samples.   The other part of the library is a special group of notebooks  representing all of  the entries  of the Gallery and Fashion Juried Exhibits from each of the Seminar conferences, and are THE archival record of all entries into the exhibitions of the past New England Weavers Seminars.  These archival notebooks are able to be viewed but are not available to circulate out of the library location.  

All note books  can be  viewed in person , by appointment, at its new location in Rockland, Massachusetts.   


The Sample  library, (other than the  Archival NEWS Exhibition Record Notebooks) are allowed  to circulate.  In order to borrow a notebook, you must be a member, in good standing, of one of the NEWS participating Guilds.  Membership must  be verified by the Guild’s Rep before  borrowing.   Notebooks will not be  out for circulation during  New England Weavers Seminar Dates.

Donate to the Library

Submitting a woven sample to the library is a way of sharing with other weavers something you have woven, a structure you have designed or manipulated, a tactile design you have tried out, planned and achieved, or simply a woven sample that you think would be  an inspiration to fellow weavers. 

If you would like to submit a sample and draft to the library, please prepare a 4"x4” sample by securing the sample’s edges from raveling by stitching, tape, or glue (Fray Check). Attach your sample to a draft sheet, and include all the appropriate information including:


Description of the weave atructure, ( i.e.. 8 Harness, Summer and Winter, or  16 Harness, Twill etc.)

Warp and weft material, and fibers used

Ends per inch (EPI)

Picks per inch (PPI)

Other information concerning the weaving of your sample, including your personal comments as to origin of the weave, and the intended usage for your fabric.

You can use the NEWS draft sheet, or any draft produced by Weaving software such as Fiberworks PCW, or WeavePoint ,etc. to attach  your sample.  Please enclose your sample in  a 3-ring binder  plastic sleeve , for its  protection during and after  mailing.  When you mail  your sample  in, it is added to the notebook for that particular weave structure.  

Use the Contact Form Button to request a NEWS draft sheet and the mailing address for your sample to be sent.

Please consider adding to the Woven  Sample Library  collection for future weavers to enjoy.

Borrowing Notebooks

Only woven sample notebooks of weave structures are available for circulation.  Each notebook  is available for up to 3 months at a time.  All notebooks are available to view at their location in Rockland, MA, by appointment by using the Contact Form button.


Guilds can borrow sample notebooks for guild programs.  It is the responsibility of the guild’s NEWS Rep to pick up the notebooks and return them to Rockland.   Arrangements for notebook transportation can also be made by using the Contact Form button.


In the past notebooks have been sent by USPS, via Flat Rate only.  The largest flat rate box can only fit 1-2 notebooks.  Postage is quite expensive and paid for by the guild member, both ways. The postage has increased over the past few years.  It is certainly advisable to come  view the notebooks you may want to borrow, in person.  Note all notebooks do not have the same amount of samples. 

All woven samples have been donated to the Sample Library by individual weavers throughout the years. Some samples are original drafts,  many are not. It was encouraged by  NEWS for anyone to submit a woven sample of any weave structure, for any woven projects anyone worked on.  Many of the samples entered the library starting from the beginning of NEWS as part of the Organized SWAPS program that took place at each conference.  Now all samples are simply donated to the library by individuals.  

Library Catalog

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