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New England Weavers' Seminar:  Gallery & Fashion Shows

The NEWS juried exhibits are an opportunity for weavers to show their exceptional works to the public as well as other weavers. Entrants must be a member of a NEWS guild and may submit as many as three pieces to each show. Woven articles are submitted through a weaver’s guild, which collects and registers the items, brings them to NEWS and then returns them to the weaver. Items woven since NEWS 2019 are welcomed, as long as they weren’t part of the online photo show of 2021.


The judges, typically three for each exhibition, are usually instructors at NEWS and each spend an entire day examining and writing comments and suggestions for each piece. This feedback is then placed in sealed envelopes and returned to the weaver along with their item. This is an opportunity to receive personalized, expert feedback on your weaving! And the judges are always constructive and thoughtful with their comments. Until the woven pieces are staged and opened to the public all items are anonymous - the judges do not know who the weaver is.

Judging categories will be assigned by the NEWS committees after all entry forms are received. Wearable items belong in the Fashion Show, including structured clothing, scarves, shawls, belts, sashes, jewelry, shoes, hats and any other items of apparel. Items of home décor, furniture, table linens, dolls, wall hangings, objects d’art, blankets, purses, handbags, tote bags and utilitarian items like notebook covers and glasses cases belong in the Gallery Show. Consult with your NEWS guild rep if you are uncertain which category your item belongs in.


The NEWS Fashion and Gallery Shows are meant to highlight the craft of handweaving. Props that help to display the woven article, such as a doll, display stand, frame or jewelry display are welcome but their use is subject to the discretion of the intake and hanging committees. Auxiliary creations or accompaniments, such as music, lighting or electronics are not material to the craft and are therefore not accepted as part of the entry. Installation instructions may be included as part of the entry, but again will be at the discretion of the hanging committee. Additional information can be found in the Entry Requirements and FAQ’s pages.

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