New England Weavers' Seminar:  Gallery & Fashion Shows

For the 2021 NEWS virtual conference the gallery and fashion displays will be replaced with a collection of photos of weavings from guild members.  Entries will not be juried, and any weaver who is a member of a guild in the NEWS community is eligible to participate.  Weavers may submit a photo of one item (one per weaver no matter how many guilds they belong to).


Photos will be collected by the NEWS representative of each guild. Contact them for detailed instructions and deadlines.


The NEWS photo gallery will be available for public viewing. Along with the photo, the weavers' name, guild affiliation, weave structures and fiber content will be viewable. By submitting a photo to NEWS, the weaver  grants permission for photos of their work and relevant information to appear on the NEWS website and in the NEWSLetter.


Ordinarily items that have been woven since the previous NEWS (that is, in the previous 2 years) are permitted to be entered in the juried shows.  Because of the special circumstances this year, that rule will be waived for 2023, and items woven since 2019 will be allowed in the juried shows in 2023.  However, any item included in the 2021 photo gallery will not be allowed to be entered in the juried shows in 2023.  Weavers should be aware of this as they may want to save their “best” item for 2023.

The NEWS Juried Exhibits are presented as an opportunity for weavers to show their exceptional works to the public as well as other weavers. The Gallery and Fashion entries are juried by qualified judges and each entry is given constructive comments. Weavers of all levels are encouraged to enter the 2019 NEWS Gallery and Fashion Show. There will be no runway fashion show at NEWS 2019 but fashions will be judged and displayed for all to enjoy.


Entrants must be a member of a NEWS guild and submit their entries through their guild’s NEWS representative. Each weaver may enter three pieces per show. Entry information may be obtained through your local guild representative or from the links below.

Completed applications must be delivered to your guild representative in time for the guild representative to deliver all of your guild's entries to the intake committees by June 11, 2019.  Entry fees are $10.00 per item entered. 

Categories will be assigned after entry forms are received. Wearable items belong in the Fashion Show, including structured clothing, scarves, shawls, belts, sashes, jewelry, shoes, purses, handbags, hats, and any other items of apparel. Items of home décor, furniture, table linens, dolls, wall hangings, objets d’art, and utilitarian items like notebooks, tote bags, and electronics cases all belong in the Gallery Show. If you are unsure which category your item falls into, please contact your guild’s NEWS rep for guidance.


The NEWS Fashion and Gallery Shows are meant to highlight the craft of handweaving. Props that help to display the woven article, such as a doll, display stand, frame, or jewelry display bust are welcome, subject to the discretion of the intake committees. Auxiliary creations or accompaniments, such as music, lighting, or electronics, are not material to the craft and are therefore not accepted as part of the entry. Installation instructions may be included as part of the entry, but will be at the discretion of the hanging committee.