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New England Weavers' Seminar:  Resources

Woven and photographed by Pat McMullan

Sample Library

The Sample Library (previously known as the Traveling Library) is a collection of sample notebooks that are available for study.  You, the members of NEWS, have created this collection of samples with drafts and other pertinent information over the years that NEWS has existed.  

Woven and photographed by Elaine Palmer


Tuition grants are available to anyone attending NEWS. These grants are not need-based but we do ask recipients to share their experiences in the NEWSletter following the conference. An online application will be available and applicants will know before registration opens if their request has been granted.

Woven and photographed by Susan Wright


Our semiannual bulletin about the upcoming conference is published in the fall and the spring.  It includes a draft sheet for an interesting woven sample in each issue.

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