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New England Weavers' Seminar:  2023 Volunteers

The New England Weavers Seminar relies on volunteers and we need your help for a couple of hours during NEWS. 


Approximately 30 members on the NEWS board of directors devote thousands of hours planning each conference to provide the most enjoyable event possible. During NEWS our greatest need is additional volun­teers to “sit” shows open to the public and NEWS attendees; a volunteer show "sitter" must be present during any open period. It is especially difficult to find volunteers during workshop hours. Each NEWS guild is responsible for providing a specific level of volunteer hours for sitting shows based on guild size. We also need volunteers to provide brief support for our workshop teachers, typically checking the class roll, distributing materials and collecting fees, but arranging this support has not been a problem.


If you are attending NEWS please click on the "Volunteer Here" button and complete the requested information, including the shows and times for which you are volunteering.  If you are a member of a participating NEWS guild, contact your guild rep to let them know you signed up to sit a show and whether you are available to assist the teacher in any workshop you are attending.

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