New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Volunteers

The bedrock of The New England Weavers Seminar is volunteers. The board of directors is comprised of ap­proximately 30 people who devote thousands of hours organizing and planning for our conference over a two-year period. We do it because we love the confer­ence, the process, and the people. We want to provide the most enjoyable event possible and we want it to continue long beyond our years in office.

During the conference our biggest need is for volun­teers to “sit” the shows and provide support for our teachers in each class. Teacher support has never been a problem, but sitting the shows is a perennial issue. We cannot allow the shows to be open to the public (including conference attendees) unless we have a volunteer at each venue. Over the past several conferences it has become more and more difficult to find volunteers to sit the shows during class time. Therefore, once again this year, we will be asking each guild for a specific number of volunteer hours to sit the shows and provide classroom support for the teachers. We have adjusted the request for each guild based on the size of the guild. If you are a member of a guild at­tending NEWS please contact your guild rep to let them know your availability.

If you are attending NEWS from outside one of our guilds, we ask you to consider volunteering even an hour of your time to sit shows.