New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

The bold patterns created in weftfaced twill are often associated with saddle blankets and the textiles of the American Southwest. The thick and heavy nature of this weave makes it ideal for rugs, saddle blankets, place mats, table runners and hot pads. Warping your loom for Boundweave is a simple task. The warp threads are sleyed for an open sett often not more than six EPI. This open sett allows the weft threads to slide down and cover the warp when beaten firmly. The patterns develop by following familiar twill treadlings but weaving with multiple shuttles each carrying a different color of yarn. Two, three and four shuttles weave in rotation following the different treadling patterns. The warping is fast and the weaving is slow but the final result is nothing less than satisfying. Each student will weave at their own loom. The looms will be threaded to a draft that will be assigned prior to class and the looms should be ready to weave on when you arrive.

K1: Boundweave

SKU: 2019-K1
  • Students provide own warp and weft. Instructor will contact students with specifics


    Additional supply list to be provided by the instructor: Yes

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