New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

Warp painting is a fun way to play with dye, in order to get shifting colors. Students will bring 3 or 4 pre-wound warps to class, made of cellulose fibers – rayon chenille, cotton, Tencel, linen, bamboo, or other smooth rayon. Blends and mixed warps are encouraged. Skeined yarns can also be dyed to coordinate wefts. We will discuss various warp painting techniques and best used of the painted warps. Learn to mix colors, keep records, make shades and tints, and use opposite colors on the color wheel effectively. Various examples of painted warps and finished items will be shown. We will dye (paint warps) using fiber reactive dyes prepared by the instructor. All the initial mixing has been done for you! Students will take their painted warps home to cure, and rinse, according to instructions provided.

G1: Painted Warp

SKU: 2019-G1
  • 3 or 4 pre-wound warps, optional skeins for weft dyeing, plastic wrap and bags, a bucket, rags and old newspapers