New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

Most weavers look towards European and American weave structures for inspiration. Some real gems can be found in Eastern textiles. Warp faced textiles in SE Asia are usually woven on backstrap looms, but they can often be modified to suit multishaft looms. This is the focus for this workshop. Analysis of ethnic textiles will provide some interesting additions of technique for the hand weaver. They include warp manipulation, warp wrapping, weft patterning on warp faced cloth. These techniques can then be combined with Western structures to achieve interesting cloth. Instructions will be provided to pre-warp your loom so that the maximum number of techniques can be covered. The combination of several structures in one cloth will be explored. Students will go home with a sampler of many techniques.

L5: East Meets West: A Sampler

SKU: 2019-L5
  • Reed 12 dent, Yarn - - Warp 10/2 or 20/2 cotton – 2 colors, Weft as for warp and pattern weft – 1 or 2 different colors, 2 shuttles (boat or stick), scissors, pins, weights for broken or loose threads, pick up stick or equivalent (pencil or ruler), graph


    Additional supply list to be provided by the instructor: Yes

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