New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

Participants will experience innovative weaving and sewing techniques by designing handwoven clothing for themselves on Saori 2-shaft floor looms. Some traditional weaving rules will have to be unlearned, while new ways of warping, weaving, and sewing without a pattern will be introduced. They will be encouraged to weave as their heart sings instead of following a draft or a pattern. They will also be introduced to many hand manipulative techniques such as interlocking, supplemental warp, traveling inlay, in order to express freely their inner creativity.

L3: Saori Weaving

SKU: 2019-L3
  • -Working sewing machine  (If you don’t have one or cannot bring one, please contact Mihoko at to reserve her sewing machine.)

    -Sewing box (pins,  scissors, measurement tape, ruler, seam ripper, sewing thread, extra sewing machine needles, regular sewing needle)

    -Iron, iron board, spray bottle (If you don’t have one or cannot bring one, please let Mihoko knows.)

    -Yarn, fiber strips, fleece or other materials that you want to incorporate with weaving (optional, Mihoko will bring them)

    -Pillow if you have a back pain when you sit for a long time

    -extension electricity cord


    If you have woven clothes that you might want to incorporate your wearable work, please bring  a couple of just in case you didn’t weave enough.