New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

Signature techniques and tips from three decades of tapestry and rug weaving will be shared. Students will weave a weft-faced tapestry sam7 pler. Instruction will include loom set-up, Mary’s favorite weaving techniques, design discussion, and complete steps in finishing work for exhibition and sales. This is a very comprehensive workshop that offers design instruction and technical solutions for the creative, non-loomcontrolled process. You will leave inspired to take your work to the next level, with new skills and information.

L2: Tapestry on the Horizontal: Love on a 4-Harness Loom

SKU: 2019-L2
  • 3 to 5 stick shuttles proportionally sized for weaving a 12” inch wide warp, cotton fabric strips, thick yarn or your usual header material, large wideeyed steel tapestry needle, measuring tape, small sharp scissors, your workshop art supplies