New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

Each participant will bring a 4 or 8-shaft loom that is dressed according to instructions provided by the instructor in advance of the conference. Warps will also be provided by the instructor. This is a hands-on, round-robin style workshop which is intended to provide participants with the opportunity to explore and compare different structures using the same profile draft. The workshop will begin with an explanation of profile drafts and will continue with mini-lectures throughout the three days. The mini-lectures will focus on using profile drafts with specific weave structures. Participants will also be introduced to supplementary warp pick-up, warp-faced band weaving (with the option of doing pick-up designs), and rep weave – with a focus on the technical aspect of weaving (e.g., achieving good selvedges) and not on designing. The instructor will provide two to three dressed looms to ease the stress that some weavers experience with round-robin style workshops.

L1: Beyond Beginning

SKU: 2019-L1
  • Weft yarns, shuttles, bobbins, general weaving supplies (e.g., scissors, blunt needle, T-pins, measuring tape), paper and pencil


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