New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

Finger weaving is an ancient lowtech method to create cloth. Using a ready-to-go warp, you will learn to create cloth without the use of a loom. The technique yields a dense cloth, and often features an arrowhead design. Focus is on the use of the fingers to manipulate threads into the desired structure. Irregularities are an opportunity to examine the difference in the structure, and to discuss technique: how to alter the structure, how to maintain a uniform structure. The first piece will be completed in class, and assistance will be provided for setting up a second piece. Time permitting, we will explore some of the diverse patterns possible.

G3: Fingerweaving - a la Quebecois

SKU: 2019-G3
  • Instructor brings all materials.    Carol is preparing a video, which should be available on by the end of May. Participants will be asked to watch the video before coming to class. Those who watch this short video will get much more out of it.