New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

Do you have an “inkling,” or understanding about basic Inkle weaving? Meet the humble Inkle loom, learn its parts, and how to design, warp and weave on it. You will complete a simple sash, belt, or shoelaces in the first half of this class. Participants will then explore the varied geometric patterns of Baltic designs (patterns courtesy of Zaiga Upitis, my Latvian mentor) in a pick-up method.

F1: Inkle Weaving

SKU: 2019-F1
  • Your own inkle loom (looms will be available to rent, please indicate at registration if needed) with 15 pre-made string heddles, small belt or stick shuttle, small scissors, tape measure, 2 large-eye needles, cotton yarns (detailed list will be sent foll


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