New England Weavers' Seminar:  2021 Conference

Weaving linen bedding is a personal story of slow cloth that rekindles the lost skill of making our own linen sheets. Linen is an honest fiber. Many weavers think it is finicky. I think it has personality. Linen has imperceptible elasticity, incredible strength, and a finish that will last generations. Linen will tell you exactly what it wants and can reveal what you should have done. My husband and I started a small business weaving linen sheets, luxury bedding, and towels. I will share history of colonial bedding in New England, along with techniques and inventions we use to manage the warp and the loom. This is a story of the process of production from winding and dressing, to weaving and finishing. We use no sectional warp beam, no automatic fly shuttle, and no dobby. We beam 38-yard runs onto a 48” wide loom from back to front. There are a few tricks, but these ideas can be adapted for use with any fiber and any length warp.

D3: Weaving Linen Bedding

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